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  • I enjoyed your reflections on the different kinds of love and also motherhood. ThanksRannigan Walsh on Mothers and “In Loves”May 11

  • Wise woman, thank you!Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger on Away from HomeApril 19

  • Just beautiful Rev. Dagmar! Thank you for sharing, ♥️🙏🏽💜Mary Dolores on Away from HomeApril 19

  • Dagmar, blessings to you for sharing so much of your personal story. It has enriched me. Thank you! PaulaPaula on Providence will prevailMarch 18

  • AMEN!!!! and may we have PEACE, PROTECTION, HEALING and Harmony not just for some for Everyonebrooksieker on MariazellFebruary 25

  • Yes ! Thank you Dagmar for sharing your wisdom in such a troubling time.Rannigan Walsh on When will we ever learn?February 25

  • Der Frühlingsregen nährt die Samen, die Liebe blüht.Gloria O'Neil on Luke 1:26-38February 22

  • Beautiful mama…appreciate the invocation of beloved communityGabriella on Lourdes DayFebruary 11

  • Beautiful, thank you for the inspirational words and connections.Gloria Jean O'Neil-Savage on Lourdes DayFebruary 11

  • “…it is only with the heart that one can see rightly…”Renee Nank on Epiphany 2022January 12

  • Amen, Alleluia! Justin Bibb elected! 😊👍👍🏾Topped only by Joe Biden’s Jan 6 speech-best I have heard from The Oval Office since JFK! Now, what to do about all of Ohio south of Cuy Cty?!😩bev lograsso on Inaugurals & BaptismsJanuary 10

  • Beautiful Dagmar. Happy New Years and I’m glad we are still here together.Rannigan on The Power of SisterhoodDecember 29

  • Dagmar, I appreciate your reflection on such a tragedy. You make many connections and recognize blessings in the midst of tragedy. The mysterious work of God. Epiphany Blessings to you and Natalie! Love, Beverly Anne OSUbev lograsso on The Power of SisterhoodDecember 29

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts in this way. I can’t imagine losing any one of my siblings at that age, let alone my only one. What a gaping wound that must have left. Love you so. ChristopherCAC on The Power of SisterhoodDecember 29

  • Thank you for sharing this story. I am moved by how much pain and sorrow lives in this story and at the same time how much hope and joy in sisterhood.mhess2013 on The Power of SisterhoodDecember 29

  • Dagmar, I am enjoying your postings! Would love to see the nose piercing 😊. Happy birthday! Love, Susan (Mary Hess’s sister)Susan Centrella on Now & ForeverDecember 15

  • My apologies for initially publishing this post in my own name. That was a mistake! I hope to get better at this process as Dagmar and Alex and I work it out. Also, for now it seems like the pictures are not showing up in the email. Sorry about that. You can always click on the title in the email to land here on the website and see the pictures Dagmar has shared.Eric Celeste on Here comes the sunNovember 24

  • I love the anticipation of advent, the quiet start to a new year.Eric Celeste on November 28thNovember 19