I’ve been called sister, daughter, wife, mother, First Lady, Reverend, and many other names. But I’ve always said, “Dagmar will do.”

My daughter-in-love once said about me, “What does it mean to be faithful and full of faith? To be feminist and feminine? To be political and politician? And to resist those terms? What does it mean to contest the way our culture has usually seen and them and improvise new ways of understanding them? … I guarantee that she will infuriate you, intrigue you, confuse you, and mystify you—but she will never bore you.”

Well, we’ll see. Stick around and find out!

If you’d like to know more about me, you can look up my book We Can Do Together, Impressions of a Recovering Feminist First Lady, visit my professional website Ladybug Enterprises, donate to my non-profit The Tyrian Network, learn more about my ordination to the priesthood, or even check out (though I can’t promise anything about what you’ll find there) my Wikipedia entry.

This collection of my musings was created by my son and grandson, who ply their trade as Tenseg LLC, as an 80th birthday gift.